Our WHD systems use WIFI/TCP to radio collected data from the cap to a MATLAB application. The WHD4.2 system used the SCWifi2 board to do this, which features a CC3220SF radio and a PIC32MZ coprocessor. Supply chain issues have made a large selection of integrated circuits unavailable. Our CC3220SF radio is out of supply at a manufacturing lead-time of over 50 weeks. To continue with the development of the project, it was necessary to select a new radio. After evaluating several options by availability and capability, we decided on the WFI32E01, from Microchip. While the previous board used two microcontrollers, the functionality of this new WFI32E01 allows us to just use one, as it has the TCP capabilities as well as other peripherals that meet the project specifications. In fact, the WFI32E01 may be able to surpass the performance of the previous modules with its improved TCP throughput and multiple UART support.

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