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Any optical microscope behaves as a linear, space-invariant optical system; we term the image of a dipole source input as the dipole spread function (DSF). Thus, if an object contains many dipole sources, each with its own position and orientation, then the resulting image will be a superposition of so-called dipole basis images, which comprise the system’s DSF, one for each dipole source. The radially and azimuthally polarized multi-view reflector (raMVR) microscope, which is one type of single-molecule orientation and localization microscope (SMOLM), is used for resolving the 6D information of a single molecule. In this project, a robust way of reconstructing a cellular object in 6 dimensions will be developed, based the single-molecular DSF. 1) A forward model that is suitable for reconstructing cellular objects with dense dipole concentration will be developed, based on the basic single molecule forward model designed by the fellow lab member. 2) A deconvolution algorithm will be designed for reconstructing the 6D object based on the forward model and resulting image. 3) Data will be collected from the raMVR optical system and will be used to test design.

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