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This thesis is mainly a chronological account of the growth and development of the Negro musical movement in Saint Louis, Missouri. Included is an introductory background concerning the Negro in Music in America, and an account of the individuals who helped foster the development in Saint Louis. There is also a special chapter on Jazz and the Negro as a Jazz Musician in Saint Louis.

Many books and periodicals have been written on the development of music and of the Negro music of America, but I do not know of a comprehensive text written on the growth of a Negro musical movement in a selected community. Saint Louis was chosen as the particular community since I am best acquainted with this city, and also because Saint Louis is one of the cities in the United States richest in Negro musical lore.

The musicians in this dissertation are divided into four categories: performers, composers, conductors, and teachers. Also included are music lovers and patrons who are not musicians, but have contributed to the development of this movement.

The music to be discussed is divided into these categories:

  1. Religious music
  2. Secular music

A. 'Classical or concert music To include music in the idiom as written by so-called serious composers e.. Bach, not Berlin

B. Folk music - non religious

C. Popular To Included the blues, ragtime, dixieland, jazz, songs from musical comedies, etc.

In writing this dissertation, even at the outset it rapidly became apparent that there was little primary source material, and practically no organized information bearing on the subject, but because of the many interested citizens of Saint Louis, this dissertation was made possible.

Through interviews, correspondence, phone calls and other sources of contact, also information in the nature of documents, programs, souvenir books, newspapers, magazines, clippings, bulletins, periodicals, etc., much valuable material was obtained.


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