We aim to pursue knowledge of the law so that others can become stronger by it.

The Problem

The law oversees every aspect of our lives. It serves as the one creed by which all are expected to live. Even though this is the case, many do not fully understand the law given its vast complexities and nuances. Yet, our society only expects law schools to teach these factors to a select few. It is our belief that everyone can benefit from gaining a greater understanding of the law because knowledge is directly correlated to power. Therefore, in hopes of making smarter and stronger citizens, we seek to spread our gained understanding of the law to the masses.


We plan to accomplish our mission in two phases. The first is through the Washington University in Undergraduate Law Review. This online publication features research papers from undergraduate students across the United States. The editors and board of advisors select papers to be featured in the publication each semester. See Submissions (link to sidebar) for more info.

The Verdict

We aim to accomplish our mission in another way that is not seen in the other undergraduate law reviews. The Verdict offers short monthly posts on the law—with a focus on topics that are particularly applicable to college students.