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Undergraduate students at Washington University in St. Louis are encouraged to participate in research. These opportunities are organized through the Office of Undergraduate Research or through department-specific honors courses. This collection contains senior research papers or honors theses from across disciplines at Washington University in St. Louis.

Students who are interested in sharing their papers should review the Policies before submitting their papers through the Submit Research link located under the Author Corner in the left sidebar. Students must receive permission from their mentors first to verify that the materials/data can be made publicly available.


Theses from 2010


Red Brigades and Barefoot Doctors: Health Care Without Physicians During the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, Oliver Kayden Jawitz, East Asian Languages and Cultures

Theses from 1991


Exclusion and Optimism: Black Americans Keep Their Eyes on the Education Prize: A Story of School Desegregation in St. Louis, 1954-1980, Barnaby W. Horton, Bachelor of Arts (A.B.)