Date of Award

Spring 5-4-2022

Author's School

Olin Business School

Author's Program

Business Administration

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)




Neurodivergence is used to describe a broad range of neurodevelopmental differences that result in a distinct set of challenges for individuals in interacting with the world around them. Within Diversity, Equity and Inclusion campaigns, neurodiversity is the term used to describe the composition of a space to include neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals. The unique perspectives that come from workplace neurodiversity are a valuable tool, yet companies are routinely missing out on the addition of neurodivergent individuals because of current hiring practices. This study was developed using the theoretical bases of person-organization fit, which emphasizes value congruence between organizations and employees, and stigma. For this study, participants were shown one of two correspondences from a hypothetical employer, one which signaled acceptance of neurodivergence and one that signaled indifference. After this, participants were asked to rank their likelihood of application. Results indicate that on average, neurodivergent individuals are more likely to apply to companies that signal acceptance than those who signal indifference. Additionally, past use of accommodations and neurodivergence of the respondent were examined as potential moderating factors. Prior use of accommodations bore no impact on a neurodivergent individuals’ likelihood of application to either environment. However, neurodivergent individuals were significantly less likely to apply to a company that lacked signals of acceptance than their neurotypical peers. Finally, using likelihood of disclosure of neurodivergence as the dependent variable, it was found that neurodivergent individuals are significantly more likely to disclose to their peers in a social setting than to a peer in a work setting or a superior in a work setting.


Markus Baer

Additional Advisors

Paige LaRose