Dr. Jackson Potter is a Mechanical Engineer and professor at Washington University in St. Louis. One of the classes he teaches is called Multidisciplinary Design & Prototyping (MEMS 312). The class is taken by students from various disciplines to learn about design processes and develop new skills. In addition, this class typically has a theme to make the prototyping process more realistic and have an end goal. For 2022 the theme was accessible gaming, where students would create universal gaming controllers for people that might not be able to use traditional controllers. For the next year, Dr. Potter wanted to focus on sensors, so the theme focuses on creating robust designs that could house sensors and be functional outside, teaching students about the different sensors and prototyping the housing for it. Additionally, a real life application is that an air quality monitoring system needs to be stored and deployed efficiently, so we tried to come up with a minimum viable prototype to address the issue. This document is for compiling all potential content for the Fall 2023 course theme.

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Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences Independent Study

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