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School of Engineering & Applied Science

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Computer Science and Engineering


English (en)

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Master of Arts (MA)

Chair and Committee

Caitlin Kelleher


Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the industrialized world. The disabilities caused by stroke can significantly impact the quality of daily life for stroke survivors. Studies show that a high number of daily body movement repetitions can help recover lost motor functionality. However, many stroke patients do not perform the home exercises needed to reach this high number of repetitions. Games for rehabilitation have been shown to provide motivation to perform home exercises. However, because stroke can leave survivors with different levels of disability, custom games are required. Creating custom games, though, is time consuming and requires advanced programming knowledge. A tool for quick and easy game development is a solution to this problem. In this masterΓÇÖs project, I collaborated with a doctoral occupational therapy student to take steps towards developing a game authoring environment custom to therapists.


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