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Submissions from 2017

Data and ArcPython script for Pastoralist Participation (PastPart) Model, Michael Frachetti

Four-year-old Children Align their Preferences with those of their Peers DataSet, Laura Hennefield and Lori Markson

Retrotransposons are the major contributors to the expansion of the Drosophila ananassae Muller F element, Wilson Leung, Sarah C.R. Elgin, and

Submissions from 2016


Datasets for “Drosophila Muller F Elements Maintain a Distinct Set of Genomic Properties Over 40 Million Years of Evolution”, Wilson Leung

Dataset for Figure 1: Mechanisms of non-Covalent Subunit Regulation of Nav Channel Gating and Pharmacology, Wendy Zhu and Jonathan Silva