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This project provides a good case study of expert system development with untrained experts over a short period of time. We describe the development of a working medical screening and diagnosis expert system for use at the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) clinics in Madison County, Illinois. The system was designed and implemented over the period of four months. A large number of knowledge acquisition techniques were employed, some of them customized in ways that greatly increased their effectiveness. This paper explores the development of THE WIC Advisor, from problem definition through expert system delivery. The knowledge acquisition methods used in creating The WIC Advisor comprise a beneficial case study of several traditional techniques. Protocol analysis, question/answer listing, knowledge acquisition room selection, prototyping, focused interviewing, multiple expert selection, direct questioning, audio-tape transcription, diving the domain, role-playing and teach back were employed [4,5]. Important factors in the success of this expert system were the selection of a limited diagnostic domain, the choice of multiple experts who worked well together, and our continuing efforts to make the experts feel comfortable with the technology and the process. The major benefits of the system include assisting clients between clinic visits, cataloging basic medical data, and providing consistent and verifiable information


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