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Social and emotional learning is increasingly being recognized for its role in urban school reform despite current school improvement efforts focused on academic outcomes. This paper presents a case study in community partnership between a middle school, a community-based organization, and a research university, to implement a social and emotional program in seventh grade social studies. Highlighted is the importance of trust and communication among all partners—including administrators, researchers, front-line staff, teachers, and students. It also suggests a framework to expand school partnerships to include schools of social work, especially when the focus is on social and emotional learning.

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Working Paper


Civic Engagement and Service

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Robertson, A. S., McBride, A. M., Chung, S., Williams, A., & May, V. (2015). Social and emotional learning and social work in middle school: A case study in community partnership (CSD Working Paper No. 15-39). St. Louis, MO: Washington University in St. Louis, Center for Social Development.


Civic Engagement and Service


youth, community-based organization, service learning, United States, civic engagement