Date of Award


Author's School

Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts

Author's Program


Degree Name

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)




My interactive thesis installation, The Void Between Us, addresses the topic of human connection in relationship to the body. The human body marks a physical barrier between one’s self and others. While we exist in the same physical sphere as one another, our minds are isolated in our own self-centered versions of reality. Our bodies allow us to perceive others and be perceived—including having verbal communications—and, therefore, could be seen as helpful or restrictive in the social world. However, our bodies also allow us to engage in physical interactions with others, such as sex, which is a means to forming closer connections. The preexisting voids between the self and others is exacerbated through contemporary forms of communication, which cause us to have disembodied interactions. By researching works by artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Nick Cave, Nicole Eisenman, Tracey Emin, and Ernesto Neto, as well as having a background in psychology, I came to further understand these relationships within the context of art. I created The Void Between Us with the hope of physical interaction connecting people more deeply to the piece.

Mentor/Primary Advisor

Arnold Nadler

Artist's Statement

The human body is the vessel that grounds us. Although our connections with one another are fabrications of our own minds, our bodies are tangible and, therefore, verifiably true. By creating tangible objects, I hope to pin down the beautifully human experiences in life. Even the tactility of my work during my making process, which is obsessive, repetitive, and even meditative, soothes my anxiety.

However, the human body is often the only barrier between what is kept private and what is exposed to the public. It is as much of a gateway to subjugation as it is a means of security. My experience as a woman in contemporary society is critical to my artistic perspective because it has affected my ability to connect with others. In my work, I address societal as well as sensory perceptions, both of which are closely linked to the human body and connections.

Utilizing the photographic medium, I employ humor in addressing the exposure of women to society, presenting a bizarre, staged interaction between two women within the private sphere of a bedroom. With my tactile, interactive soft sculptures, I aim to bridge the gap between the mind and body and thus bridge the gap between the self and others. I have also translated these concepts in to public artwork, addressing the inter-personal boundaries that exist among strangers in public spaces.