Date of Award

Spring 5-15-2020

Author's School

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Author's Department

Romance Languages and Literature: Hispanic Studies

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Degree Type



“Iberian Babel: Spain’s Translational Literatures, 1939-2018” traces how acts of translation are performed, problematized, or made visible within a multilingual corpus of “original” (that is, not-translated) works of Iberian literature, all of which fall under the wider purview of what Waïl Hassan has coined “translational literature. ” I examine four main strategies in particular, deployed throughout critical historical junctures: 1. ) pseudotranslation (texts that are deliberately, falsely presented as translations), utilized both in exile and domestically during Franco’s dictatorship; 2. ) re-writings of canonical works of “world literature” within the Catalanlanguage context from the late Francoist period to the present; 3. ) self-translation and 4. ) multilingual literature amid early twenty-first century economic and regional crises. My project reveals how translation is a central tool for negotiating memory and exile, tradition and modernization, and self and other, in moments of crisis, rupture, and transition. In reworking the boundaries between original and translation, these texts not only disrupt the distinction between regional, national, and world literatures in Spain, but set forth a conception of translation as an act of creation, rather than copy.


English (en)

Chair and Committee

Tabea Linhard

Committee Members

Ignacio Infante, Ignacio Śnchez Prado, Anca Parvuelscu, Regina Galasso,

Available for download on Wednesday, May 15, 2030