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Humana Executive Offices | Senior Lighting Designer, 2014

Humana challenged HOK to design their executive offices to reflect their mission, to be transparent at every level of the organization. The end result, an open workspace design with offices centered in the interior of the building leaving the perimeter open for collaboration, communication and the crosspollination of ideas.

Supporting the company’s history was the addition of the timeline. Humana’s milestones were accentuated with light highlighting the importance of their history and supporting the overall “nautilus” design of the project.

Lighting is orthogonal throughout the space with one exception, the open collaboration space. Lighting is arranged in a random pattern to represent a collision of thoughts and ideas.

Keeping with their theme of collaboration, on the lower level, HOK created a break room with individual and group seating. At the bar where the group seating is, decorative glass pendants highlight the collaboration space.


Women in the Design World: Work in Progress, an exhibition presented by the Sam Fos School of Design and Visual arts in conjunction with the Women in Architecture Symposium 2014.

Julie Morrison-Donovan, LC, RA, LEED AP, NCQLP / Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, 1988