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Private Art Gallery | JHA-Architects, Project Architect | Design through Construction Administration, Completed 2012

Located on a 50 acre property in New England, the Gallery was built to house the owners’ art collection. The design was informed by its context: a sloping wooded site overlooking a pond. The primary intent was that the building be secondary to its topography and landscape. Thus it follows the contours and is built into the slope, with only a low wall visible from the private road, and located along one of the many walking paths on the property. The building was also designed to give equal importance to viewing the art and to viewing the landscape. The large windows and overhangs extend the gallery to the outside, shade the art, and define the exterior walking path. The two large gallery spaces, held together by a stone wall, are connected by a glass walkway and exterior courtyard. Movable hinged walls within the spaces allow for flexible exhibit options. Rainwater is directed off the roof for irrigation and as a water feature in the courtyard. Materials include board formed concrete, low-e tempered insulated glass, and zinc coated copper.

Note: the artwork has been altered at the owners’ request.


Women in the Design World: Work in Progress, an exhibition presented by the Sam Fos School of Design and Visual arts in conjunction with the Women in Architecture Symposium 2014.

Janet Hurwitz, AIA, Owner/Princiapl JHA-Architects / BA72, M.Arch75, MSW75