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cere Concrete Jewelry | Business Owner / Designer, Concrete, May 2014-present

‘cere was created partially out of fascination and partially as a challenge. The idea was simple, to transcend the sophisticated and elegant qualities of concrete, perfected by architects like Tadao Ando, at a smaller, wearable scale. Outside of the architectural community, concrete is an overlooked material. It is associated with durability, heaviness and industry and is not recognized as an innately expressive medium. ‘cere takes that preconception and alters it by creating pieces that are light, delicate and beautiful yet are still raw and true to their materiality.

Each piece of jewelry is hand-cast in its own mold. This process, along with the intrinsic character of concrete, ensures that no two pieces are the same, meaning, that each item is as unique as the person who wears it.

‘cere is the abbreviation for the Latin word concrescere, the perfect past participle of the word concrete, meaning “to grow together.”


Women in the Design World: Work in Progress, an exhibition presented by the Sam Fos School of Design and Visual arts in conjunction with the Women in Architecture Symposium 2014.

Sarah Burnett / Master of Urban Design, 2010