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Innovative Design of Life | Mosaic Designer | Project Leader Life Long……2014

“Outside of the box thinker”, is a presumption about an architect. And reality on ground restrains this creativity to work within the rigid confines of numerous internal and external factors associated with practicing of creativity in life. “Woman in Architecture” is a summation of creative life. As such this board reflects the creativity and diversity of WIA life. This is an illustration of the “Innovative Design of life”, my life, and a testimony of all other WIA.

Montage of my life has been a juxtaposition of conscious design decisions and organic development of design actions. Started with a norm-defying undergraduate thesis on “LEPROSY CENTER”. The research and one-on-one time spend with humans affected by highly stigmatized disease and designing a facility for them, encapsulated the meaning of word “plight”.

Creative self-expression have been an integral part of evolving life since then. Even in 21st century, WIA still face the age old biases in sophisticated forms and have to constantly innovate life, so am I.

Currently leading as, Lieutenant Governor of Education & Training at Toastmasters International D8 in areas of communication & leadership.


Women in the Design World: Work in Progress, an exhibition presented by the Sam Fos School of Design and Visual arts in conjunction with the Women in Architecture Symposium 2014.

Farzana H. Chohan, LEED AP BD+C, DTM / Master of Architecture and Urban Design, 1999