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Marine Technology Life Sciences Seawater Research Complex, University of Miami, Miami, Florida, Completed in 2014 | Cambridge Seven Associates \ Sumi Fasoloa, AIA, Sr. Designer & Sr. Site Architect

The Marine Technology and Life Sciences Seawater Research Complex (MTLSS) is a new gateway to the campus and is designed to enable the bridging of theoretical and practical research that is at the leading edge of science. Located on Virginia Key, the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science is a leading oceanic and atmospheric research and teaching institution. The MTLSS Complex is an 86,000 square foot laboratory building that houses two distinct but interconnected components: the Marine Life Science Center and the SUrge-STructure- Atmosphere INteraction (SUSTAIN) research facility. Laboratories in the Marine Life Science Center are for the study of marine organisms and for researching the impact of climate change on coral reefs. The SUSTAIN Building features a hurricane simulator with a fan generating winds up to 150 mph into a transparent acrylic tank that holds 28,000 gallons of seawater pushed by a paddled wave generator. In this controllable test environment, the interaction of wind, waves and storm surge will be analyzed by scientists, engineers and architects to study the impact of hurricanes on coastal structures and buildings.


Women in the Design World: Work in Progress, an exhibition presented by the Sam Fos School of Design and Visual arts in conjunction with the Women in Architecture Symposium 2014.

Sumi Fasolo, AIA / BA Architecture, 1993