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College of Arts and Sciences

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Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

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Assistant Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program; Faculty with the Feminist Critical Analysis Seminar

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Journal Article

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Amber Jamilla Musser. "Objects of Desire: Toward an Ethics of Sameness." Theory & Event 16.2 (2013).


Through an examination of objectum sexuality, an orientation in which people sexually orient themselves toward objects, this essay reflects on what constitutes sexuality, the nature of intimacy, and the agency of objects. Using the discourse of similarity, I suggest that we read objectum sexuality as a mode of understanding subjectivity under neoliberalism. I also suggest, however, that we read it as a phenomena that could open into an alternate set of ethics. More specifically, I argue that objectum sexuality allows us to think critically about the displacement of the subject, the animacy of objects, and understandings of attachment.


Originally published in Theory and Event vol. 16, no. 2. © 2013 by Amber Jamilla Musser and The Johns Hopkins University Press,