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Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

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Director, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program; Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of History; Associate Professor, Department of Education; Associate Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program; Faculty with the Feminist Critical Analysis Seminar

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Journal Article

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Building on scholarship on academic women and the (gendered) institutional constraints they faced, this article explores different trajectories in the careers of academic women economists in the United States, and their efforts to pursue research, establish their authority and influence public policy. It argues that, despite the obstacles, such women were still able to use their new knowledge to influence the development of the welfare state. This study provides new insights into women’s efforts to pursue research and establish their authority, indicative of the interweaving of gendered conceptions of knowledge and research as well as work. It particularly highlights differences in institutional settings and in these women’s approaches to research, which are of broader relevance.

Dzuback, Mary Ann. 2009. "Women Scholars, Social Science Expertise, and the State in the United States." Women's History Review 18 (1), 71-95.




This is the Author's Original Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Women's History Review (18) on February 2009, available online: