Foreword--Symposium: Unbending Gender: Why Work and Family Conflict and What to Do About It

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School of Law

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Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

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William M. Van Cleve Professor of Law; Vice Provost of the University; Faculty with the Feminist Critical Analysis Seminar

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Journal Article

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Davis, Adrienne D. "Straightening It Out: Joan Williams on Unbending Gender."American University Law Review 49, no.4 (February 2000): 823-849, http://digitalcommons.wcl.american.edu/aulr/vol49/iss4/1/


Originally published in 49 AMERICAN UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 823 (2000), http://digitalcommons.wcl.american.edu/aulr/vol49/iss4/1/. All articles copyright © American University Law Review, unless otherwise indicated

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