Washington University Undergraduate Research Digest, Volume 2, Issue 2 (Spring 2007)


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Washington University Undergraduate Research Digest (WUURD), Volume 2, No. 2, Spring 2007, Office of Undergraduate Research

Table of Contents

Table of Contents, Washington University Undergraduate Research Digest (WUURD), Volume 2, No. 2, Spring 2007


Foreword, Washington University Undergraduate Research Digest (WUURD), Volume 2, No. 2, Spring 2007, Joy Zalis Kiefer

Feature Articles

Homosexuality in Cameroon’s Public 4 Sphere: Rejecting Homosexuality as Protest against the Other, Micah J. King

The Real Dramatis Personae: Researching and Creating Characters for the New Play Chosen, Noga P. Landau

You Are What You Eat: A Technique for Isotopic Analysis of Archaeological Amino Acids, Andrew B. Newman

Overexpression of Cx43 and NF200 in Hibernating Species Citellus undulates During the Hibernation State, Sangita Sudharshan

Analysis of DIAP2 Rescue of diap1 Mutant Cells in Drosophila, Lisa J. Sudmeier

The Georgian Feast and Azeri Carpet: A Cultural Exploration through Metaphors, Andrea S. Young and Margaret S. Fee


VERITAS Observation of GRB060501, Rashied Amini

Elucidating Preconditioning-Induced, AKT-Mediated Signaling Mechanisms Operative in Cerebral Endothelium that Protect the Microvasculature from Stroke, Somalee Banerjee

The Role of JIP-1 in Axon Transport, Pavan Bhat

Ecological Trap for Ovipositing Mosquitoes Mediated Through Preferences for Contaminated Habitat, Julia Buck

Hopping Rates in Scandium Hydride and Magnesium Hydride, Erik Carl

A New World Grain in an Old World: A Study of Maize’s Impact on Sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa, Margot Danker

Pictures of the Mind: the Pictorial Foundation of Contemporary Neuroscience, Cara Dolan

The Limitations of a Mixed Phase in Strange Star Crust, David Eby

Martin and Monradi: An Ethics of the Ordinary, Maria Efimova

Repetitious Element 1360 as a Target for Heterochromatin Formation in Drosophila Melanogaster, Alejandra Figueroa-Clarevega

Neural Evidence of Syntactic and Referential Competition During Sentence Processing, Amir Francois

Biodiversity and Energy Availability: Testing the Evolutionary Rates Hypothesis, Anne K. Greenberg

The Silent Victims of the AIDS Epidemic: Rethinking the Illusion of Monogamy and the Social Constructions of Marriage, Emily R. Hawkins

Bronze Age Steppe Dynamics and Stable Strontium Isotopes, Taylor Hermes

Design and Construction of a Formula- Style Race Car, Melissa Holtmeyer

Difference-Blind Politics in a Multicultural State: The Political Implications of Identity in Democratic Societies, Marquita James