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Author's Department


Date Submitted

Spring 1-25-2016

Research Mentor and Department

Fabian Kislat, Physics Department




We present the X-ray light curves and spectra of PKS 1830-211 provided by the Swift X-ray telescope. Light curves and spectra were extracted. Further analysis of this data reveals intrinsic variability of the photon index Γ and flux over time. At energies between ~1 keV to ~6 keV the spectra displayed a similar power law distribution consistent with most AGN at these energies. Observations were taken over a two-month period from April 19to June 18 of 2016. Multiple operation modes were used during this time period, but only the longest exposure times for each observation ID in the “Photon Count” mode were used in data reduction. A time delay was unable to be determined owing to the discrete nature of the Swift data. From the spectra we assume it is a luminous, low accretion rate system, however the spectral parameters do not allow us to constrain spectral variability.

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