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Author's Department


Date Submitted

Fall 10-8-2015

Research Mentor and Department

Dr. Sadtler, Department of Chemistry




The objective of this summer research project is to deposit metal nanoparticles in a well-ordered array on a conductive substrate, so that electrochemistry can be performed while the plasmon resonance of the nanoparticles is excited by a light. First, we tried to accomplish this by nanosphere lithography of polystyrene microspheres, attempting to create an array of close-packed microspheres on an indium tin oxide (ITO) slide. The methods we used were drop-casting, spin-coating, shearing and picking the slide up through a layer of particles. This would allow us to then coat the slide with silver, creating an array of ordered silver nanotriangles in the interstitials between the microspheres with which to perform electrochemistry. Secondly, we synthesized colloidal gold nanoparticle syntheses as an alternative way to create a pattern of metal particles on the surface of an ITO slide.

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