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Date Submitted

Spring 3-2-2015

Research Mentor and Department

Carolyn Sargent




In recent years, India's assisted reproductive technology (ART) and medical tourism markets have grown faster than the government's ability to regulate them. The Times of India reports that 6 out of 60 clinics in Hyderabad have registered with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) since January of 2013.[1] Hyderabad has experienced a technology boom in the last decade and is now the site of a burgeoning ART industry. Doctors were shadowed and interviewed at three major ART clinics in the Hyderabad-Secunderabad area for a period of three months. The clinics varied greatly in their qualifications and approach to patient management, reflecting the different values of their clinical directors. This study examines how doctors and clients stake competing notions of quality and social identity on the creation of healthy, socially calibrated children and makes suggestion for subsequent follow-up studies.

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