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Fall 2017

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Willem Dickhoff, Physics




A nonlocal application of the dispersive optical model to neutrons and protons in 208Pb is presented. A nucleon self-energy is described by parametrized real and imaginary parts connected through a dispersion relation. This parametrization includes nonlocal Hartree-Fock and spin-orbit and local Coulomb real terms, and nonlocal volume and surface and local spin-orbit imaginary terms. A simple Gaussian nonlocality is employed, and appropriate asymmetry parameters are included to describe the N-Z dependence of the nucleus. These parameters are constrained by fitting to experimental data, including particle numbers, energy levels, the charge density, elastic-scattering angular distributions, reaction cross sections, and the neutron total cross section. From the resulting nucleon self-energy, spectroscopic factors, occupation numbers, and the neutron matter distribution are deduced. The neutron skin thickness, important to the physics of neutron stars, is determined to be consistent with the results of recent parity violating elastic scattering experiments.

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Nuclear Commons