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Spring 3-19-2013

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College of Arts & Sciences

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Nucleon pairing is studied with specific considerations directed toward the possible influence on neutron star cooling. We present an in-depth analysis of BCS theory using realistic nuclear potentials and consider the impact short-range correlations can have on the gap. Gap calculations are incorporated into neutron star cooling simulations and the significance of the 3P2 −3F2 channel in various hadronic cooling models is closely examined. An analysis of the 1S0 gap in neutron matter suggests short-range correlations can drastically alter the magnitude, density range, and temperature dependence of the gap. While the newly constructed 1S0 gap does not significantly alter the nature of neutron star cooling, improved calculations in the 3P2 − 3F2 channel call into question the existence of this gap in neutron stars. Ongoing work focused on incorporating medium polarization effects through second-order self-energy corrections is also briefly discussed.


English (en)

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Willem H. Dickhoff

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