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Without the proper education, responding to disclosure of sexual assault can be an experience for which many people feel entirely unprepared to handle – no matter how much they care about and want to help their friends. SuppFriends seeks to empower members of the WashU community to respond supportively and effectively to peer disclosures, as well as to understand their own experiences and take care of themselves in the process. In exploring what interventions already exist for the above stated problem, we searched for interventions that specifically addressed the issue of empowering friends of survivors, interventions that encompassed the idea of empowering friends of survivors within a larger context of prevention, education, and response, and interventions with infrastructures that could be adapted to address this issue. Below we look more closely at three of these specific interventions: one with robust infrastructure, one with exemplary trauma-informed content, and one in the pipeline that attempts to integrate these pieces. We argue that while existing resources do have specific pieces of the necessary intervention, there are no resources that currently integrate infrastructure, information, and trauma-informed principles.


Jami Ake


Written for WGSS 427 - Technology and Feminist Practice: Gender Violence Prevention Tools

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