STL Multifamily Housing Building Energy Efficiency Through Building Communication. A collaboration between Washington University in St. Louis Sustainability Exchange and the City of St. Louis to promote Building Energy Awareness that will reduce GHG Emissions and combat Climate Change. Mentors & Client: Ray Ehrhard and Rajiv Ravulapati. Community Partners: Rachel Pressley (Lindell Park Apartments) and Stephanie Blockton (House at Westminister)

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Multifamily Housing Energy Efficiency Checklist 1.0.pdf (275 kB)
Multifamily Housing Energy Efficiency CHecklist 1.0

STL Benchmarking EUI.PDF (496 kB)
STL Benchmarking EUI

Payback Calculator for Lightbulb Upgrade.xlsm (48 kB)
Payback Calculator for Lightbulb Upgrade

Pie and Scatter plots.xlsx (180 kB)
Energy Efficient Buildings Presentation SP20 Final.mp4 (8604 kB)
Energy Efficient Building Presentation (mp4)