This semester the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Team (GHGRT) of the Sustainability Exchange program at Washington University in St. Louis was tasked with initial planning to decrease greenhouse gas emissions in the St. Louis area for OneSTL. To do so, GHGRT began by meeting with experts in the field, including Rene Dulle, Tim Michels, and Emily Andrews, to determine the best course of action and get insight into the situation as it stands. Based on this information, we decided to focus on building energy use and resulting carbon emissions. The team then researched energy use in the city of St. Louis and investigated Ameren’s plan for converting from fossil fuels to carbon neutral energy by 2050. The team also investigated paths for funding for St. Louis citizens through avenues such as the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), and rebates from Spire and Ameren. The team also considered non-technical and non-monetary strategies for reducing carbon emissions, focusing on community education. To complete our analysis, we created several model scenarios for citizens and buildings in St. Louis to show how our strategies could be implemented in the real world. In this report we also discussed some challenges we had while completing the project as well as some expected future steps for this project.

Publication Date

Fall 12-2022

Document Type

Course Project