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Gwen Giles Park Turtle Time Track

Gwen Giles park, the victim of misguided urban renewal efforts, still contains evidence of its rich ecological history and the significant role it once played in the community. The installation of a mile-long jogging track with distance markers and outdoor fitness equipment takes advantage of the altered topography and the rich bottomland soil; the legacy of a once-thriving prairie ecosystem.

The Catalpa tree, for which the park was previously named, is reintroduced, and a field of Goldenrod on the mounds becomes the catalyst for on-site biodiversity. Central to the proposal is the introduction of an Ornate Box Turtle. Shelters for these turtles are inserted into the mounds and areas of water collection are exaggerated through regrading in order to create an ideal habitat for this threatened species.

A proposed partnership with the nearby Hodiamont House provides space for educational workshops, exercise clubs, and a range of after-school programs providing opportunities for community members to engage with the park.

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Gwen Giles Park Turtle Time Track