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Site: St. Louis

Nutrition & Garden Bioscience Education Center: Intergenerational Healthy Lifestyle Habits

This Garden Bioscience Center presents opportunities for children and elder persons to connect through the lens of nutrition. This will be done through gardening activities, education, teaching kitchens, a greenhouse, and science lab. Destinations are throughout the building, spreading out the programmatic categories and encouraging circulation throughout the whole complex. The sense of sight is amplified, through viewing corridors and connections between three main atrium that boost interaction between all age groups and all destination points.

The teaching kitchen is at the heart of the building and will provide nutrition courses as well as meal prep from produce in the gardens. Flexible leisure areas line the main destination zones, providing seating and garden walls within the poche-d block walls that continue through both floors. Additionally, any bakery and garden produce are available by shop access to the public street. Both seniors and children alike can learn and grow from experiencing gardening, bioscience, and nutritional education.

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Nutrition & Garden Bioscience Education Center
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