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Site: Hong Kong

This program will be based around the different facets of water and how they can introduce shared experiences between older and younger generations in Hong Kong, China. The program will include both active and therapeutic activities. There will be pools for water therapy along with swimming lessons between older and younger generations. Water therapy programs can help both generations through strengthening activities that can help both the body and mind. Swimming lessons can also be utilized by creating a mentor/mentee program where older volunteers can help younger children swim.

The procession before and after into water will also have a focus. These areas would be lockers, changing rooms, showers, and dryers or saunas. For socializing areas this will include a lobby, waiting area for family/friends, and a café. Young adults can also join the program in order to help with life guarding and also offer first-aid certifications to the community.

Water and sound will be the main focus for the program to help provide quiet and tranquil areas for a healthier and therapeutic environment for all ages. Both the sounds and reflections of water will be utilized for this project. There will also be contrasting areas where people can be louder. These areas include outdoor along with the first level with the main swimming pool. Quieter floors will be located in the middle levels of the project to help with acoustics.

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Bridging Generations Through Optics and Sound
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