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Site: St. Louis

A library is no longer a place for storing physical books but for experiencing and interacting. Combining with Gardner's multiple intelligence, a physical book and e-book could generate interaction between old adults and young kids.

Basement level is the data/server room that manages all the datas from 5 adjacent public libraries nearby CWE. Visitors can access to all of them freely as long as they happen to be in the library. Each book station has books with different topics, topics accordance with multiple intelligence by Dr. H. Gardner: Artistic/Intrapersonal/Spatial/Logical and Mathematics/Linguistic.

Books on these stations are mostly for kids, so that kids with similar interests may naturally gather in circle on the sand. They can also use the mat to sit on the sand. Books for adults are on book shelves, but with the availability of e-books, there are not that many of physical books. Using either physical or e-books old adults also read their books on the sand.

From the sand garden, visitors can see what is happening in each of the room as it is all walled in glass, also the shelves next to each room exhibits different objects according to the room with different programs. Adults and kids can share their reading and knowledge on the sand first, but for more specific and focusing activity together, they can choose and go to the room for their needs.

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Intergenerational Spaces: Library
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