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Site: Hong Kong

The programming is focused around the supporting of activities that broadly involve making and working with one's hands. Specifically, woodworking and gardening are chosen as activities that can be engaged in at varying levels of difficulty and enjoyed by a wide range of age groups. The first means through which multiple generations interact is the mentor/student relationship, where someone with previous skills in either area acts as a facilitator for an older or younger student to learn. There are two "higher level" activities, dragon-boat building and orchid gardening, that comprise the long-term work of the space and occupy the larger volumes to the front and rear. Occupying the central spaces are activities geared toward learning the skills of woodworking and gardening. The hope is that as participants of all ages develop skills they can begin to engage in the boat-building and orchid-growing, and play mentor roles to newer participants, so that there is a constant flux in terms of who is teaching and learning, with young and old playing both roles. Architecturally, the building has a conceptual core, where learning takes play—this area "serves" the periphery, the two larger volumes that house the orchid greenhouse and boat shop. The three are connected visually by shifting floor slabs that push into the periphery and allow connections. The core space is vertically connected by terraced circulation that allows for gathering spots and a series of courtyards that bring illumination to the ground floor.

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