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Site: Hong Kong

Design Intention for Uncle Shan and Nephew Justin:

This simple space tends to establish a kind of space prototype for intergenerational people living and working together. The space is designed mainly for two of my relatives including my 68-year-old uncle—Shan, and my 7-year-old nephew—Justin. Shan has been retired for almost ten years and developed his stable daily schedule throughout these years, while Justin is still a young kid who always kept being curious about the exterior world and whose schedule might be more flexible. the space should serve them both and fulfill their spatial needs either simultaneously or separately. Regarding their most important activities throughout the day, I intend to create three main spaces where the most interactions could happen including the working space, living area and the music studio. There are three "containers" between each two of the three individual spaces to encourage Shan and Justin to have multiple chances working, playing, sharing with each other and also offering the option to have their own private space.

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