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Site: St. Louis

Intergenerational exchanges are becoming more and more important as the society ages. Throughout this studio, I have tried to figure out what are the walls between generations and how to tear down the barriers with architectural languages.

Between two generations, there are a lot of strong stereotypes which make more difficult to interact with each other.

If we just ignore these stereotypes and try to make them interact, it might bring many side effects.

According to research conducted by Taiwan civil organization, they tried to give a particular preparation stage before making two different aging groups meet. They showed the other group's software photos to guess who is going to be. By this stage, groups can demolish inner stereotypes, and it turned out be successful.

I want to bring this idea into architectural spaces. By having flexible spaces in the middle with screens, people can see and guess what is going on at the space and they can prepare before participating. With a sort of sequence of spaces before starting to interact, by sharing senses, I can have a preparation space. The project mainly has two programs; Drama and Digital Arts. With these two programs, different generations can interact equally and actively. The interaction will not be limited in the architecture; the building would keep shifting its character into theater and gallery as needed and it will correspond with neighbors continuously.

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