Submission Guidelines for Graduate School of Art Theses

Who Can Submit

Graduate School of Art Theses only publishes materials about work conducted under the auspices of Graduate School of Art Theses. For additional information, please contact


How to Submit a Paper

  1. 1. Create an Open Scholarship account
  2. 2. Open MFA form
  3. 3. Form fields:
    1. a. Title – enter your thesis title
    2. b. Author – confirm that your name appears. If not, start typing it in and follow prompts.
    3. c. Date of Award – enter date of award
    4. d. Author’s School required – enter Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
    5. e. Degree Type – This is how you can control access to your thesis, and it can be used as an alternative to an embargo.
      1. i. Thesis = open access (no restriction)
      2. ii. Restricted Access Thesis = WUSTL only access.
    6. f. Embargo – The period of time that your thesis is unavailable online. Only your citation and abstract will appear in Open Scholarship if you choose an embargo. A copy can be viewed, not copied, upon request in Olin Library Special Collections.
      The default option is no embargo, or immediate release. You can choose a period of time to embargo or select ‘Other’ and include a time period in the ‘Notes to Administrator’ field.
    7. g. Register for U.S. Copyright – choose an option. Please note: your work is automatically protected by U.S. copyright. Registration is optional.
    8. h. Abstract (Optional) – include a short summary or explanation of your thesis.
    9. i. Keywords (Optional) – you may enter up to six keywords describing your thesis. This helps others discover your work.
    10. j. Subject Categories – Choose subjects that match the topic of your thesis. There is no limit. Subjects help with the indexing and discovery of your thesis.
    11. k. Program Director; Thesis Advisor; Studio/Primary Advisor – for these fields enter first and last names, but omit titles (e.g., Associate Professor) or named professorships (e.g., Florence and Frank Bush Professor of Art).
    12. l. Artist’s Statement (Optional) - enter text, or a URL to your artist website as your statement may change over time.
    13. m. Notes to Administrator (Optional) - enter information about an embargo here, such as specific time period not in the dropdown or the reason for choosing an embargo. Also, if you have any comments or concerns, they can be entered here.
    14. n. Upload Full Text – select Upload thesis file from your computer. You can upload PDFs, Word or other document types. They will be converted to PDF.
    15. o. Streaming Media (Optional) - Include URLs for streaming media, such as Vimeo. In addition to the URLs, we recommend that you add the media files in the ‘Additional Files’ files field so that they can be backed up and preserved over time.
    16. p. Additional Files (Optional) - Check box and upload supplemental files, such as audio, video, images zip file or other documents.

View more information at Open Scholarship - Sam Fox School.