Kari Varner

Date of Award

Spring 5-2017

Author's School

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts

Author Department/Program

Graduate School of Art

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Visual Art

Degree Type



This thesis is an archive composed of text and image that catalogs the perpetual distance between the photograph and its subject. In my practice the fluidity of representation is examined through the frame of the photographic archive, while the notion of what constitutes a photographic archive is redefined. While seeking to describe the mutability of encounters with landscapes and past memories the materiality of the photograph is emphasized, the image and its substrate destabilized, and both experience and photograph are fleeting. In many cases water acts as the alchemical substance for transformation, leading the photographs closer to a state of dematerialized materiality. My longing lies in the desire to fully represent a subject through the photographic image, and awareness that the photograph leads not towards an understanding of the subject, but a photographic fiction.


English (en)

Program Director

Patricia Olynyk

Program Director's Department

Graduate School of Art

Thesis Advisor

Richard Krueger

Committee Member

Zlatko Cosic

Committee Member

Zlatko Cosic

Committee Member

Heather Bennett

Committee Member

Richard Krueger

Artist's Statement

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