Date of Award

Spring 5-15-2015

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Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts

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Graduate School of Art

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Visual Art

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This thesis conceptualizes the conditions of the Korean division, including the realization of the political and cultural gap between North and South Korea, lack of education about the Korean division and the role of media. The Korean War, also known as the “Forgotten War,” is erased from the consciousness of contemporary societies. This thesis describes a history about how the artificial division created during the Korean War continuously affects the lives of modern Koreans. For more than sixty years, North and South Korea did not have any form of communication except through government negotiations and regulated media. As a result, the division of Korea has caused a deep cultural and political gap. This thesis also discusses how the current media and public education continue to construct and influence public awareness regarding the Korean division. Works of art provide a perspective that provokes you to revise your precedent understanding of an issue. Political art often leads in the discussion to encourage public participation –– a critical stimulant for a change. Artworks created through collaborations between individuals or communities stimulate our cognitive resonances drawing parallels between our own lives and political actions.


English (en)

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Patricia Olynyk

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Graduate School of Art

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Zlatko Ćosić

Committee Member

Zlatko Ćosić

Committee Member

Ji-Eun Lee

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