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Development of the Inpatient Dignity Scale Through Studies in Japan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Copyright: Creative Commons License.
Katsumasa Ota, Jukai Maeda, Ann Gallagher, Michiko Yahiro, Yukari Niimi, Moon Chan, and Masami Matsuda


Examining the Application of the Opening Minds Survey in the Community Health Centre Setting. Copyright: The Authors.
Mark van der Maas, Heather Stuart, Scott Patten, Emily Lentinello, Sireesha Bobbili, Robert Mann, Hayley Hamilton, Jamie Sapag, Patrick Corrigan, and Akwatu Khenti


Conceptual and Empirical Approaches to Financial Decision-making by Older Adults: Results from a Financial Decision-making Rating Scale. Copyright: Creative Commons License.
Peter A. Lichtenberg, Katja Ocepek-Welikson, Lisa J. Ficker, Evan Gross, Analise Rahman-Filipiak, and Jeanne A. Teresi


Developing a Survey Tool to Assess Implementation of Evidence-Based Chronic Disease Prevention in Public Health Settings Across Four Countries. Copyright: Creative Commons License.
Elizabeth L. Budd, Xiangji Ying, Katherine A. Stamatakis, Anna J. deRuyter, Zhaoxin Wang, Pauline Sung, Tahna Pettman, Rebecca Armstrong, Rodrigo Reis, and Ross C. Brownson


Development and Assessment of a Measure of Parent and Child Needs in Pediatric Palliative Care. Copyright: American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine.
James P. Donnelly, Kim Downing, Jason Cloen, Patricia Fragen, Alyssa W. Gupton, Jen Misasi, and Kelly Michelson

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