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Restricted Access Paper

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Fall 12-5-2014


This paper compares public art among the municipalities of Clayton, University City, and St. Louis City, Missouri. The points of comparison include accessibility, ownership, quantity, funding source, artists, and function. The purpose is not only to gather quantifiable data, but also to critically examine the impact of public art on these municipalities and to understand how individuals interact with and make meaning of the public art within the various municipalities. For the purposes of this paper, public art is art that is outside and accessible to the public. We have included art that is on privately owned publicly accessible land, such as business plazas and private universities, in our definition of public art. However, Art in Transit will not be included in our analysis. We find, that while public art is fairly equally distributed across the three municipalities in many traditional aspects, there are substantial differences regarding the purpose of the art and consequentially, the impact it has on its respective communities.

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