The Power, Justice and the City course examines questions of power and justice through the lens of the contemporary metropolis, with a focus on St. Louis specifically, and American urban life more generally. It asks what power is, and how we can best study and criticize power relations. It asks what justice requires, and how we can realize or approximate just institutions and practices. It explores racial hierarchy and racial injustice, the relationships among contemporary cities and their suburbs, and the question of urban institutional reform.

As the final project, students formed groups and compared some aspect of urban governance in the three municipalities in which Washington University is (partly) located: St. Louis, University City, and Clayton. This is a curated collection of those group projects.

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Submissions from 2015


An Illusion of Choice: The Spatial Injustice of Housing Choice Voucher Usage in St. Louis, Billie Mandelbaum, Bisma Mufti, Hannah Waldman, and Natalie Kirchhoff


Disappearing Communities: A Study of Vacancies in the St. Louis Region, Sam Klein, Carrick Reddin, Sarah Taylor, and Helen You

Submissions from 2014


High School Athletics: Funding and Resources Available to Student Athletes at Clayton, University City, and Sumner High Schools, Ellie L. Davis, Jordan Federbush, Nina N. Gerson, and Sara A. Jackson


MetroLink Injustice: Case Studies in Three Municipalities, Claire B. Huttenlocher, Madeline A. Wareing, Meera H. Zassenhaus, and Glenna Siegel


Public Art in the Three Municipalities: Form, Function, and Funding, Amelia Farley, Avi Friedman-Shaw, Sophia Keskey, and Molly Remch

Submissions from 2013


Police Treatment and the Sunshine Law, Evan Jackson, Charlotte Jeffries, and BI Middleton