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In order to help combat the harmful health effects of sitting for extended periods of time, a manually powered, portable treadmill solution is presented in this report. This treadmill's portability will be due to both the lightweight design and ability to decrease its footprint when not in use. The primary demographic for this device will be working professionals who currently spend most of their day in an office chair, thereby giving them the option to walk at a comfortable pace while working. This project is a continuation of `Portable Fitness Device - Manual Treadmill', a project in MEMS 411: Senior Design at Washington University in St. Louis completed by Andrew Bright, Tanner Cooper and David Wolshire. The primary goal of this project was to figure out how a flywheel can be coupled to the roller of a foldable treadmill, and if the design is feasible to be developed further for possible patents and production. The solution pursued uses a timing belt and timing belt pulley to couple the flywheel and front roller of the treadmill.

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