Heterogeneities in a molded cast plate of Vit106a (Zr58.5Cu15.6Ni12.8Al10.3Nb2.8)were investigated on three orthogonal surfaces of the sample. Dynamic modulus mapping (DMM) and nanoindentation measurements were collected through the use of a nanoindenter and were consequently analyzed in MATLAB. All three faces revealed elastic variations, which were categorized into compliant, intermediate and stiff modulus categories. By constructing maps of the longitudinal section of the plate and comparing these maps to the transverse sections, unique directional alignment due to features of the mold surface that this bulk metallic glass (BMG) was originally in contact with during preparation was apparent. The dynamic modulus mapping revealed variations in the storage moduli on all three faces. The nanoindentation revealed slight variations in the reduced moduli and hardness in the various indent locations on each face.

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