Recently, people’s demand for smart vehicles continues to improve. As the core of smart driving, driverless vehicle becomes the most concerned technology. Lane change, the most common behavior in driverless situation, greatly affect the road efficiency. Fast and safe lane change operations have very practical significance in reducing traffic accidents. This paper uses driverless vehicle as research object, and the pathing planning and pathing tracking for lane change situation are studied. An efficient path planning method and trajectory tracking controller are designed and simulated. The main content contains the three following aspects: (1) A set of comprehensive lane change strategy is designed for different working conditions. Then path planning for lane change is researched based on mass point model and an efficient path planning method based on polynomial is proposed and optimized. (2) Kinematic model and 3 DOFs dynamic model of driverless vehicle based on magic tire model are established using SIMULINK. Several simulation and test are done to verify the rationality of the model. (3) The trajectory -tracking control system based on PID controller is designed. Then run simulation based on the model established and according to the results, the trajectory -tracking control system can track the lane-changing path accurately and analysis is made. Key word: Driverless vehicle, Lane change, Path planning, Trajectory tracking control

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