From previous experiments, it was determined that nickel was able to coat boron fiber, however this was done unevenly, with cracks characterizing the coating. This was where it was hypothesized that the boron fiber crossed the interface of the nickel electrolyte solution during electrodeposition. This was different than the coating at the middle, which was all under the electrolyte solution, and was characterized by a smoother surface. This experiment sought to find a way to coat the nickel across the boron fiber wire evenly. SEM images were taken at the top and at the middle of the fiber. An overview picture of the area the SEM was taken, and then zoomed in on to focus on the surface characteristic (the overview was taken at x500 and the zoomed in version was taken at x950). From the images gathered, it was able to be concluded that the cracks characterizing the surface at the top of the filament form earlier experiments were not present.

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