The research presented in this report focuses on evaluating the performance of hydrogen fuel cells using platinum-group-metal (PGM)-free catalysts and optimizing their operation by varying cathode back pressure. The objective was to achieve similar or better performance compared to conventional platinum-based membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) while reducing the reliance on rare earth materials. A series of experiments were conducted using synthetically fabricated PGM-free MEAs, with results indicating that higher input pressures led to a significant increase in power output, reaching nearly 70% of the performance of the conventional platinum, ruthenium, and carbon-based MEAs. This research contributes to the overall understanding and optimization of hydrogen fuel cell technology, which is essential for a more sustainable energy future. By exploring the potential of PGM-free catalysts, this study paves the way for more efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly energy solutions in hydrogen fuel cell applications.

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Final Report

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McKelvey School of Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

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Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences Independent Study

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