Dr. Betsy Hawkins-Chernof is an Occupational Therapist is the St. Louis area and part of her work is helping individuals with disabilities access online gaming communities. Accessible gaming technology can be expensive and frequently out of stock which creates additional barrier for these individuals to access gaming communities. During the Fall 2022 MEMS 312 course, Dr. Potter helped develop a printed circuit board (PCB) that maps keyboard inputs and other computer functions to accessible switches. The goal of this independent study was to develop a 3D printable housing for the PCB that would have easily interchangeable chips to swap out the switch functions. Utilizing feedback from Dr. Betsy and the assistive technology innovation manager at St. Louis Arc, Chris Helmick, a fully functional and easily repeatable design was completed. This Accessible Computer Device was entered into the 2023 Make:able challenge as a unique solution to providing affordable access to computers. The challenge will provide an additional opportunity for the device to gain both feedback and exposure in hopes it will reach the people whose lives it could improve.

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Final Report

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McKelvey School of Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

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Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences Independent Study

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PCB Houising Base.stl (216 kB)
STL file of the base of the PCB housing

PCB Housing Cap.stl (280 kB)
STL file of the cap of the PCB housing

Chip.stl (7 kB)
STL file of the chip for the PCB housing

SwitchBoxPCB_v8_OneSide.zip (18 kB)
One sided Gerber files for the PCB

SwitchBoxPCB_v8_TwoSides.zip (25 kB)
Two sided Gerber files for the PCB