This paper is for the completion of MEMS 500 - Independent Study at Washington University in St. Louis. The materials and coursework are based off MEMS 5420 HVAC Analysis and Design I. This course covered readings and problems from chapters 1-8 of Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Design and Analysis - sixth edition by McQuiston, Parker, and Spitler. Topics included moist air prop- erties, indoor environmental quality (comfort and health), heat transmission in building structures, space heating loads, and cooling loads. This paper focuses on a few of the safety related HVAC systems found in PWR or pressurized water reactor type nuclear power plants. HVAC systems provide personal comfort and safety through heating, cooling, and ventilation air at appropriate temperatures, humidities, and flow rates for normal machine operations. Due to the sheer number and complexity of these systems, my focus is on only a few considerations. This includes an overview of each building on a campus and their HVAC needs. Special topics include a breakdown of radioactive filtration systems, and ventilation for excess hydrogen in battery rooms.

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